AfroPlus - Sounds

Germany has a huge selection of black artists with incredible music. We present you the best ones. In addition to comprehensive collections in the areas of RnB, Afrobeats, Soul and Rap, we also have Reggae/Dancehall and Rock playlists to offer. So we would suggest: Do yourself a favor and indulge! 

If you not only want to listen to your personal favorite albums, but also dare to look beyond your own nose from time to time, you’ll quickly notice that these German Artists with african decent have a whole bag of sure fire hits waiting for you.
To help you find your way, we’ve competently curated themed playlists on Spotify and AppleMusic for different moods and occasions in this overview.

AfroPlusPicks – RnB

Style: Laid Back & Relaxed, Chilled, Rhythmic, Smoove
Volume: 83 songs on Spotify

Hip-hop and R&B may be close, but this playlist, if nothing else, proves how strong the latter is as a genre in its own right. Throwback vibes meet modern dynamic lyricsm and if you take a few hours of your time, you’ll be able to spend one of the best evenings in a long time with this playlist.

AfroPlusPicks – Rap

Style: Lyrical, Creative, Raw, Introspective, Swag
Volume: 74 songs on Apple Music

A roughly 120 song compilation of pure fire delivers our playlist for the rap section. Although the Mainstream have not caught on to some of the names yet, almost every Rap Style worth mentioning finds its place here, we mixed Oldschool, Newschool, Hardcore, Introspective and Creative Rap in a bowl and the result is our AfroPlusPicks Playlist.
From pioneers to newcomers we try to represent almost 30 years of black German Mc’s. Enjoy

AfroPlusPicks – Afrobeats Vibes

Style: Culture, Vibes, Feel Good, Sunshine & Beach
Volume: 17 songs on Spotify

Another recommendation on our own behalf: our “Afrobeats” playlist features mainly traditional sounds and good african vibes. After generic radio jingles with bad esoteric elevator music, we set ourselves the goal of creating this playlist that captures a genre that does not yet get the full attention in Germany, but is still not just meaningless babble. Our picks for AfroBeats Vibes are perfect for an exuberant party mood. Whether Zanku, Gwara Gwara, Azonto or a just simple two Step – Have Fun!